Video Demos: Fully Automated High-Accuracy Die Bonding & Hi-Rel Wire Bonding

Edge Emitting Laser Chip Epi-Side on 6500 Die Bonder
High-Precision, Fully Automated
Flip Chip Eutectic Die Attach
Laser Diode Assembly
Micron-level Anatomy of a Laser Diode Package
Time-Pressured Epoxy Dispense
High-Precision, Fully Automated
Epoxy Die Attach
Hi-Rel Wire Bonding
Ball Bumps, FABs, Chain Bonding and Complex Looping Profiles
Precision Epoxy Dispensing
Dots, Lines, Circles, Spirals & Serpentine Patterns
Deep Access Wire Bonding
Odd-Form Factor Packaging Requiring Access with a 0.750" Capillary
6500 Die Bonder
Ultra-High Precision and WSP Die Attach System
8000 Wire Bonder
Fully Automated Hi-Rel Wire Bonder and Ball Bumping System
Wafer Scale Packaging
Fully Automatic Wafer Scale Packaging and Advanced Microelectronics Assembly
Steady State Eutectic Die Attach
Steady State Eutectic Die Attach on a LED Application