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Contract Manufacturing and Development Lab

Serving Europe's Advanced Photonics and Microelectronics Packaging and Assembly Needs

Our European Assembly Services Department, strategically located in the heart of Europe – Germany, meets the European requirements for advanced packaging and assembly. With decades of experience in bringing solutions to well-established manufacturers throughout Europe, Palomar is well equipped to guide customers through their process development and prototyping. The services offered to customers extend beyond just process development and support, as the European Assembly and Test Lab is equipped for low volume contract manufacturing as well. 


Palomar's Assembly Services aims to help customers become leaders in their market by providing state-of-the-art equipment in our Europe lab which is capable of Die Attach (Eutectic, Epoxy, Ag Sintering, UV, Flip Chip & Vacuum Reflow) and Wire Bonding (Gold wire, Gold Ball Bumping) and Testing (Wire Pull, Die Shear, Ball Shear).

Our laboratory offers:

  • Process development for your new processes
  • Development support
  • Prototyping
  • Production of your product
  • Palomar Bonder demonstration
  • Lowering time to SOP
  • Feasibility study


Die Attach

Machines used: Palomar 3880-II Die Bonder, 8301 SST Vacuum Reflow Oven

Wire Bonding

Machines used: Palomar 8100 Wire Bonder

Additional Capabilities

  • Wire Pull Testing
  • Die/Shear Testing
  • Epoxy Curing Oven

Machines used: XYZTEC Pull and Shear Tester, Heraeus Curing Oven

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Contract Manufacturing and Process Development - Europe