Packaging Developments in 6G and Quantum Communications

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If the arrival of 5G communications took many by surprise, the detailed and high-profile development of 6G is an altogether different story. More so, this is not so much an evolution, as a step-change; with potential speeds one hundred times faster and ten times the bandwidth than the best offered by 5G. The result will be an extraordinary range of new applications. Yet for all this advancement, some of the most critical packaging developments are taking place using adapted legacy processes. These are not only technically efficient but seem to hold significant commercial potential.
This webinar further explores these together with:
• The drivers, significance, impact, and timescale of the roll-out of 6G and quantum communications.
• The nature of the utilization and adaption of pick and place packaging technologies to develop and manufacture next-generation quantum devices servicing the 6G infrastructure.
• Examples of potential in lateral packaging applications for other devices serving the 6G/quantum ecosystem.  

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