Power Modules: Typical Failure Modes and How to Solve Them

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Power Modules is a rapidly growing segment with high-growth applications ranging from electric vehicles, high-speed rail, and large medical devices. However, the stack of interconnects in power modules are the source of mechanical failures. Removal of heat between the DBC and baseplate is often the main source of thermal mismatches, making voids in this joint the most pressing challenge for power module manufacturers.

SST Vacuum Reflow Systems' Alex Voronel leads the presentation taking us through the challenges facing the IGBT Power Module device manufacturers with typical failure modes and how to solve them using a flux-less soldering process resulting in less than 1% voiding using a reliable Formic Acid or Forming Gas option.

Topics discussed in this webinar:

  • Mechanical failures in the interconnects of power modules
  • DBC and baseplate and thermal mismatches
  • Flux-less soldering with less than 1% void

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