Graphite Tooling

Graphite Tooling

A full selection of products and services to meet your needs for precision graphite products. We combine our extensive inventory of premium graphite materials with engineering and design services, precision machining of graphite, ceramics and metals, and post-machining services such as cleaning, purification, coating and impregnation.

Vacuum Reflow Features
  • Furnace Fixtures
  • Beam Targets
  • Resistive Heating Elements
  • Hot Pressing Dies
  • LPE Boats
  • Molds
  • Crucibles
  • Nozzles
  • EDM Electrodes
  • Shields
  • Precise Locating Inserts
  • Susceptors
Graphite Tooling
Graphite Tooling Variety of Shapes and Sizes
Graphite Tooling Plate Example
Graphite Tooing Manufacturing and Processing

Design and Engineering Services

Our engineering staff works with customers to translate their concepts into reality. We evaluate your requirements and custom design graphite tools and fixtures to meet your needs. Prototypes and first article samples can be provided to confirm design integrity prior to fabrication of production quantities. 

High Precision Manufacturing

Using CAM software systems we produce intricate, high-tolerance finished products. We specialize in fine detail work using end mills and drills as small as .005 inches (.12 mm) diameter. Video metrology equipment assures us that we meet your tolerance and finish requirements.

Comprehensive Solutions

High Speed Machining (HSM) CNC milling equipment together with precision surface and centerless grinding, lapping, turning, wire-EDM, drilling, sawing, cleaning and inspection equipment in our 30,000 square foot facility.

Lid Sealing versus Seam Sealing

Combining Bonder and Vacuum Reflow Technologies for High-Reliability Packaging – Case #2 Optical Transceivers

Combining Bonder and Vacuum Reflow Technologies for High-Reliability Packaging

Typical power module construction

Delivering Higher Reliability, Higher Quality Power Modules


Why or When One Should Use a Vacuum/Pressure Reflow Oven System

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