Beyond the Basics: Identifying the Best Vacuum Reflow Systems for Your Assembly Needs

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Whether you are looking for a system to attach die via batch reflow or hermetically seal a package, there are many options for vacuum reflow systems in the market that can process your assemblies. However, there is likely a machine that will suit your needs the best, now and in the future.
In this webinar, each Vacuum Reflow Systems offered by SST and Palomar was reviewed in detail, with specific attention paid to what makes each of them unique and why they may be the best choice for a given situation. Examples of differences that were explored included vacuum levels, temperature ranges, overpressure capabilities, chamber size, available sensors such as residual gas analyzers, and more. 
Attendees should leave the webinar knowing the following:
• What value does a vacuum reflow system bring to semiconductor packaging, and when and why would it be used for an application. 
• What differentiates each SST vacuum reflow system from one another, ranging from the tabletop 1200 to the automated, high volume 8300 series.
• Which systems are optimal choices for different types of devices and processes.
Beyond the Basics Webinar



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