1200 Table Top Furnace

1200 Table Top Furnace

The SST 1200 table top furnace is ideal for small labs, R&D facilities, and low volume production. Void-free solder joints are most reliably obtained through a carefully controlled and sequenced combination of heat, vacuum and pressurized inert gas.

SST Vacuum Reflow Systems
  • Hermetic Package Sealing
  • Flux-Free Solder Process Development
  • Assembly of Microelectronic Packages
  • Void-Free Eutectic Die Attach 
  • Fiber Optic Package Assembly
1200 Chamber View
1200 Interface and Display
1200 Application in Chamber
1200 Chamber Close Up

Formic Acid

Built-in formic acid delivery system to reduce surface oxides for high quality wetting. Formic acid is a two-temperature step operation which reacts with the surface oxides at low temperature and then decomposes at higher temperature, leaving a pure metal surface for optimal solder reflow.

Graphite Tooling – Design and Manufacture

A full selection of products and services to meet your needs for precision graphite products. We combine our extensive inventory of premium graphite materials with engineering and design services, precision machining of graphite, ceramics and metals, and post-machining services such as cleaning, purification, coating and impregnation.

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