Successful Void-Free Die Attach using a Die Bonder

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There are many factors to consider when it comes to achieving optimal eutectic die attach; one of the most important of these factors is solder interface voiding. Voids in the solder interface contribute to various failure modes including overheating via non-uniform dissipation of heat and high mechanical stresses. There are numerous techniques and equipment considerations that can greatly aid in reducing voiding in these solder interfaces, including using vacuum reflow as in our last webinar on this topic, as well as using a die bonder. In addition, the correct solder material selection is key to achieving excellent bond quality. Each application is unique and requires careful consideration when it comes to solder material selection.

In this webinar, proper solder material, equipment, and process/tooling selection are explored to provide a successful eutectic die attach using a die bonder. During this presentation, a live demonstration on a Palomar die bonder is presented to illustrate several of these points, in addition to performing a live case study.

Viewers should leave this webinar with the following:

• A comprehensive understanding of the mechanics behind eutectic bonding using a die bonder.
• Proficiency in deciding which tool, equipment, and material are best for a given application.
• Knowledge of the methods and techniques available to reduce voiding and improve bond quality.

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successful void-free die attach using a die bonder


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