System Upgrades

One very important aspect of keeping your Palomar or SST equipment at maximum productivity is to make sure the latest software or hardware system is installed. Palomar is continually improving performance and upgrading equipment operating systems.


For Palomar die and wire bonders it’s important to make sure the equipment has the latest:

  • Software upgrade – installation of the latest software on whatever PC is currently running the equipment. Some software upgrades may require a hardware upgrade. See BPU.
  • BPU or Bonder Performance Upgrade – For die and wire bonders, a Bonder Performance Upgrade (BPU) offers reliable support to bring your production equipment to the most current and advanced software and hardware versions and can include a new CPU, latest OS (currently Win10, 32-bit), , new monitors, new Cognex card, new keyboard and track ball mouse, as well as the latest version of Palomar’s i2Gi software (for wire bonders). BPU’s are custom tailored to meet your performance needs.

For SST vacuum reflow ovens and systems, each machine delivered to a customer is optimized based on the machine requirements and latest advances.

To receive more information regarding system upgrades, please contact a service rep

Latest Software Releases:

6500 Die Bonder Software Release: Version 12.9.28

38XX Die Bonder Software Release: Version 12.9.28

8000 Wire/Ball Bonder Software Release: Version 12.7.39

8100 Wire/Ball Bonder Software Release: Version 12.7.39

9000 Wedge Bonder Software Release: Version 12.7.39

Vacuum Reflow Systems Software: Please contact your SST service for the latest version.