5100 Vacuum Pressure Furnace

5100 Vacuum Pressure Furnace

The SST 5100 is a programmable vacuum/pressure furnace that creates void-free solder joints without the use of flux, resulting in high reliability electronic components. This system allows for heating up to 500°C and cooling in an inert gas environment from vacuum levels below 50 millitorrs to pressures up to 40 psig. Process heating is provided over the entire work area by a close-coupled planar infrared heating element. 

SST Vacuum Reflow Systems
  • Flux-less Soldering
  • Hybrid Assembly
  • MMIC Die Attach
  • High Intensity LED Attach
  • Power Module Assembly
  • Eutectic Die Attach
  • Lead-Free Soldering 
  • PV Solar Cell Assembly
  • Hermetic Package Sealing
  • Flip Chip Assembly
  • Fiber Optic Packaging
  • Automotive Device Assembly
5100 Operator Interaction
5100 Operator Interaction
5100 Chamber and Tooling
5100 Chamber and Tooling


QuikCool™ is an auxiliary cooling unit designed to rapidly reduce the temperature of the target plate to enable a faster production process. The entire process takes place in one chamber to reduce handling and increase speed of production.

Mid Vacuum

Mid Vacuum option allows the oven to achieve a chamber vacuum level in the range of 10-5 Torr or lower.  This option often used for the sealing of the IR Sensors, where specific vacuum level needs to be sealed inside the package for the optimal functionality of the sensor.

Formic Acid

Built-in formic acid delivery system to reduce surface oxides for high quality wetting. Formic acid is a two-temperature step operation which reacts with the surface oxides at low temperature and then decomposes at higher temperature, leaving a pure metal surface for optimal solder reflow.

Run Analyzer

Run analyzer provides ability to graphically review data from logged profiles and export data. This includes real-time display of the thermal and pressure profiles as well as the ability to aid in process development by helping identify plating or material changes in your products.

Graphite Tooling – Design and Manufacture

A full selection of products and services to meet your needs for precision graphite products. We combine our extensive inventory of premium graphite materials with engineering and design services, precision machining of graphite, ceramics and metals, and post-machining services such as cleaning, purification, coating and impregnation.

Systems, Tools, and Processes for Void-Free Die Attach

5100 Vacuum Pressure Furnace

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