Process Development Services

Taking a device package from design, through prototype and into production is not always as straight forward as one may think. Palomar offers an exclusive Process Development Service designed to help companies move from prototype to production as fast as possible and to achieve maximum throughput.

Palomar and SST engineers bring years of experience in semiconductor packaging and are able to help enhance microelectronics and photonics design and production processes to increase productivity and maximize efficiency allowing companies to reach peak performance.

Innovation Center

Palomar’s Process Development Services can provide solutions for:

  • Increased throughput
  • Design for manufacturing validation
  • Prototyping and new design development
  • New equipment/option installation
  • Rapid production ramp-up
  • Automation/assembly line/factory integration
  • System & process optimization
  • Materials and tooling selection
  • Tool design
  • Thermal analysis
  • Solder alloy selection
  • Profile development
  • And much more

Process development services can be performed on site or within one of Palomar’s Innovation Centers around the world.

For more information about Process Development Services, contact your local service or sales manager.