Power Semiconductors

power semiconductors1

Working with Palomar Technologies, power electronics semiconductor manufacturers can:

  • Secure high yields through automation options.
  • Reduce device failures with reliable packaging assembly options.
  • Extend device lifetime with improved processing methods.

Power Semiconductors have enjoyed steady growth with only the occasional down turn. Increased energy consumption worldwide means an increased need for power electronics devices that meet the requirements along the electrical energy supply chain, from generation to consumption. These devices are expected to be more efficient and to operate under more stressful conditions, such as higher temperatures, more power cycles, etc.


Power electronics are present all around us in our everyday. By far, the largest market is the electric vehicle (EHEV/EV) market with over 50 million electrified vehicles on the road worldwide by 2030. However, they are also present in high-efficiency lighting, elevators, motor converters, solar energy, welding, industrial frequency converters, pumps, and a variety of other industrial applications that depend on power semiconductors, IGBT power modules, power transistors, etc.

power semiconductors2

Packaging Assembly Challenges:

  • Thermal management within the package
  • Productivity and automation requirements
  • High reliability packaging

Palomar offers a range of SST Vacuum Reflow Systems flux-less eutectic soldering solutions, uniquely tailored to meet the challenges of developing high-reliability power semiconductors. By providing highly reliable and reproducible solder interfaces using precise combination of vacuum and gas pressure, the SST 8300 Automated Vacuum Pressure Soldering System is setting new industry standards for flux-less soldering near void-free rates. When a manual system is required, the SST 5100 Vacuum Pressure Furnace operates with the same combination of vacuum and gas pressure.



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