Palomar Technologies is a leading supplier of automated microelectronic assembly machines and contract assembly services with specialization in precision die attach, wire bonding and vacuum reflow solutions. Palomar customers include RF, Optoelectronic and Defense market leaders. Headquartered in Carlsbad, CA, USA with established subsidiaries in Singapore and Germany, direct sales and service is provided in more than 25 countries around the world.

Palomar Technologies provides high accuracy die attach, wire bonding, and vacuum reflow equipment, and contract assembly services. Palomar Assembly services specializes in low-medium volume, part assembly service needs. Through delivery of turnkey bonding equipment and rapid prototyping and qualification of new devices, the Palomar total solution enables our customers a seamless transition from concept to production in a competitive time-to-market framework.

Assembly Services lab
Technician using microscope

Palomar’s guiding goal is to enable our customers to become leaders in their markets. This is achieved with a focus on improving our customers’ value chains with high quality, reliable and consistent automated solutions at cost-effective price points.

Our mission is to automate the world’s complex microelectronic assembly processes. We recognize that simplification of complex processes is only possible with smart assembly and packaging automation concomitant with process expertise. Simplification through automation and expert designed processes is what creates a lasting high-value asset for our customers.

The Palomar Technologies reputation and identity comes from many decades of proven high-reliability machines concomitant with process expertise and a lasting total solution deliverable. Formed in 1995 as spin-off from the Assembly and Test Division of the American avionics pioneer Hughes Aircraft, Palomar continues as innovators and experts in precision die attach, wire bond, vacuum reflow and high accuracy component placement technology.