Intelligent Interactive Graphical Interface® (i2Gi®)

Intelligent Interactive Graphical Interface® (i2Gi®)

The Intelligent Interactive Graphical Interface® (i2Gi®) is a sophisticated software tool that supports advanced wire bond control through an intuitive interface. It simplifies programming and provides real-time graphical feedback to the user of bonding performance. i2Gi was designed to enable operating technicians to work smarter, faster, and with more control. Bonder program developers and operators experience real-time bonding and part quality validation.

Wire Bond Features
  • Large complex hybrids 
  • HB/HP LED arrays
  • Optoelectronic packaging
  • Chip-on-board (COB)
  • System in packages (SiPs)
  • Specialty lead frames
  • Automotive assemblies
  • Flex circuits
  • Multi-chip modules (MCMs)
  • Fine pitch devices
  • LEDs with running stitch
Intelligent Interactive Graphical Interface (i2Gi)
I2Gi Close Up of Wires
 Intelligent Interactive Graphical Interface (i2Gi)
 Intelligent Interactive Graphical Interface (i2Gi)
 Intelligent Interactive Graphical Interface (i2Gi)

All-in-One Package

Management tools for modern wire and wedge bonding, from part design and development, to process validation, and finally intuitive operations control to support automated complex microelectronics packaging and production.

Part Tree Display

Part Tree Display (PTD) offers a familiar hierarchical tree infrastructure with parent-child relationships between part elements for quick referencing of part design or program run progress. Intuitive wizards are included to simplify calibration, setup, and programming.

Part Graphical Display

Part Graphical Display (PGD) offers a 2D view with a “you are here” aspect. It provides an accurate graphical representation of the complete design blueprint with real-time updates during the program run.

Real Time Vision System Correlation

MMI with Video Graphical Display (VGD) offers a man-machine interface (MMI) with live video with the Cognex® Vision System. VGD provides a live, connected view between PTD and PGD while supporting the creation and placement accuracy validation.

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