Palomar Technologies provides solutions for a wide variety of application requirements for the first level interconnect of microelectronic packages. Its fundamental capabilities of large area, high-precision attach, and high-performance assembly make Palomar Technologies the supplier of choice.
The optoelectronic market falls under two categories: telecommunications and consumer. Palomar Technologies provides solutions in both categories and serves customers worldwide with a variety of applications. Palomar Technologies manufactures and services highly advanced optoelectronic assembly packaging systems that achieve high-yield, high purity, exceptional heat transfer, and precision.
As the world now depends on radio frequency engineering, Palomar Technologies continues to perform high-yield, extremely accurate RF packaging. Whereas its focus used to be the low-volume aerospace and defense industry, now it encompasses multiple industries across the broad and high-volume commercial market. RF applications require great attention to detail when packaging—the higher the frequency at which the package operates, the more critical the die and wire placement becomes. Palomar Technologies ensures such crucial steps are met.
Palomar Technologies is a former division of Hughes Aircraft, which was a major player in the early avionics, aerospace, and defense industry. Hughes pioneered high-reliability microelectronic assembly equipment and processes by developing precision bonding equipment that would build aerospace, satellite communications, and military devices. Today, Palomar Technologies continues to build upon the legacy of Hughes Aircraft, contributing to military and aerospace innovations.