Automated Die Sorting

AutoPlace MP300: Automatic Die Handling, Ejectoring & Sorting System

  • MP 300 automated die sorterFully automated pick and place
  • Designed for automatic die sorting from wafer maps, including multi-project wafers (a.k.a. "pizza wafers")
  • User-friendly DieSort Manager software and expanded wafer map library
  • Quick change to new die size and output medium with pre-leveled output fixtures
  • Flexible platform supporting 3 inch to 300mm wafers on variety of hoops and frames types
  • Programmable heights and speeds
  • Programmable NSC edge grippers or vacuum pick-up
Royce MP300

DE35-ST: Semi-Automatic Die Handling System

  • DE35 semi auto die sorterSupports up to 300mm die wafers
  • 700 to 1200 UPH (application dependent)
  • Quick change multi-needle eject heads
  • Output stage for waffle packs, Gel-paks, film frames, etc.


  • Die inverter
  • Die underside inspection
  • Laser diode high-magnification facet inspection
  • Nomarski phase contrast illumination
Royce DE35-ST

600 Series Bond Testers

650 Universal Bond Tester

  • 305mm x 155mm stage for 300mm wafers, leadframes or substrates
  • Ultra-fine pitch (UFP) capable
  • Ribbon Bond testing for standard to high-power devices
  • Die shear up to 200 kgf
  • Robust test modules with range switching, on board calibration memory and tool protection

620 Multitest Bond Tester

  • Responsive joystick and manipulator: Z height positioning of the module (and tool rotation for wire pull testing), while the manual manipulator allows operator to control the XY and theta movements of the part
  • Compatibility with legacy systems

610 Dedicated Wire Pull Bond Tester

  • Data output to any PC using RS232
  • Ergonomic design 
  • Simple calibration interface (NIST traceable calibration weights available)
  • Optional strip printer
  • Optional keypad for enhanced failure code input
  • Optional external Royce PC with Bond Test Manager software for data storage and networking
Royce 600 Series Bond Testers