Palomar® Technologies is a leading supplier of automated microelectronic assembly machines and contract assembly services with specialization in precision die attach, wire bonding and vacuum reflow solutions. We are proudly an independent USA-based company, owned and operated by local management.

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Palomar® Technologies provides interconnect solutions for a wide variety of industries and applications. With 45+ years supporting the semiconductor and photonics industries, we have expanded across automotive (LiDAR & power modules), medical, microwave, RF/wireless, Datacom, telecom and a few niche markets.

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Innovation Centers

Palomar® Technologies Innovation Centers are full-service advanced packaging laboratories offering solutions for process development, package prototyping, die attach, wire bonding, vacuum reflow, outsourced package assembly, test, and measurement.

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Contact Palomar® Technologies for more information about our Total Process Solution including Palomar die bonders, Palomar wire and wedge bonders, SST vacuum reflow systems, along with Innovation Centers for outsourced manufacturing and assembly.

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As part of Palomar’s total solution, Alliance products are offered in conjunction to work hand-in-hand with Palomar’s line of die attach, wire bond and vacuum reflow systems. Palomar’s service team and engineers are trained to support this equipment through the warranty period and for the life of the equipment.

Royce Instruments’ bond testing systems can handle a variety of testing applications, such as automated die sorting, semi-automatic die handling, or wire pull bond testing.

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GPD Global’s precision fluid dispensing systems are designed for low-volume, high-mix, R&D, and high-volume 24/7 production. Applications include MicroVolume dots and lines, Underfills, Encapsulations, Lens Fixing, and Masks.

Hybond’s table top wire and wedge bonders and die bonders offer customers a variety of adjustable height heated work stages.
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SCI Automation specializes in the design and manufacturing of integrated plasma (or vacuum) systems, which are used around the world in vacuum and plasma applications.