3150 High Vacuum Furnace

3150 High Vacuum Furnace

The SST 3150 is designed to create high reliability MEMS packages. Packages are hermetically sealed with very low vacuum and moisture levels for extended, long term performance. The 3150 provides vacuum levels as low as 10-7 Torr, and temperatures up to 500°C (1000°C optional). The clean-room compatible system may also be configured to allow for in situ separation of lid and package, getter firing and sealing of MEMS packages. The 3150 utilizes a turbo-molecular drag pump for effective pumping of hydrogen gas molecules. An optional cryogenic water pump may be added to the system for processes requiring extremely low levels of residual water vapor.

SST High Vacuum Furnaces
  • MEMS Package Sealing
  • Infrared Sensor Package Sealing
  • Hermetic Package Sealing
  • Crystal Oscillator Package Sealing
  • Wafer Level Packaging
  • Void-Free Eutectic Die Attach
  • Low Moisture Package Sealing
  • Nobel Gas Miniature Lamp Sealing
  • Military Electronic Package Sealing
3150 Open Chamber
3150 Tooling Example
3150 Operator Interaction
3150 Chamber View

Formic Acid

Built-in formic acid delivery system to reduce surface oxides for high quality wetting. Formic acid is a two-temperature step operation which reacts with the surface oxides at low temperature and then decomposes at higher temperature, leaving a pure metal surface for optimal solder reflow.

Extended Temperature

Extended temperature enables the system to reach temperatures up to 1000C. Several key applications such as brazing, glass to metal sealing, or glass to glass sealing require high temperatures which can be achieved through Extended Temperature.

Getter Activation

Activating getters to achieve and maintain very high vacuum levels. Carefully selected getters are heated with the proper thermal profile to chemically sorb gases in the environment, removing molecules and improving vacuum.

Run Analyzer

Run analyzer provides ability to graphically review data from logged profiles and export data. This includes real-time display of the thermal and pressure profiles as well as the ability to aid in process development by helping identify plating or material changes in your products.

Graphite Tooling – Design and Manufacture

A full selection of products and services to meet your needs for precision graphite products. We combine our extensive inventory of premium graphite materials with engineering and design services, precision machining of graphite, ceramics and metals, and post-machining services such as cleaning, purification, coating and impregnation.

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