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Palomar Technologies Expands Southeast Asia Innovation Center in Singapore

Posted by Palomar Technologies MarCom Team on Tue, Apr 16, 2019 @ 12:00 PM

Growing demand for expert photonic assembly processes that enable companies to successfully bridge the Valley of Death in new product introductions

Carlsbad, CA  – April 16, 2019  –  Palomar Technologies, a global leader in delivering total process solutions for advanced photonics and microelectronic device packaging, announced today it has expanded its Innovation Center in Singapore to further meet the growing demands of photonics companies designing and launching new high-performance packages that enable the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and 5G wireless networks. The expansion has provided the opportunity for Palomar to add their latest die bonder designed for the demanding assembly needs of advanced photonics packages – the 6532HP Die Bonder which exceeds industry standards for placement accuracy and production speed.

Recently opened last November in partnership with the Lux Photonics Consortium and DenseLight Semiconductors, Palomar Technologies’ Innovation Center – Asia addresses a vital market need from global new product introduction (NPI) teams: process development, device package prototyping, test and measurement, process maturation and low-volume production.  It also creates a path for customers to enable a seamless transfer to high volume production, usually done in Asia.

“The photonics market is exploding and for the many companies with little to no experience in assembling photonics device packaging or the equipment capabilities, they face a high risk of successfully launching their product – most will die in the proverbial “Valley of Death” because they simply don’t understand how to manufacture their device cost-effectively. By partnering with the Palomar Innovation Center, customers have the advantage of easily bridging from NPI to high volume with significantly lower costs,” said Mr. Rich Hueners, VP of Global Sales and Managing Director, Asia Pacific for Palomar Technologies. “Palomar has over 40 years of deep industry experience in the design and assembly of photonics and microelectronics devices. Companies new to this market gain exponentially from our experience.”

The value of light-enabled products and services is estimated to be between $7 and $10 trillion annually, which means the science of light – called photonics – represents roughly 13% of the world’s economy.[i] With the push towards smart cities, autonomous vehicles and 5G, the demand for connected devices and higher capacity networks is steadily growing, thereby increasing the need for light-enabled products and services, ushering photonics into a position of prominence in the world economy.


About Palomar Technologies
Palomar Technologies makes the connected world possible by delivering a Total Process Solution™ for advanced photonic and microelectronic device assembly processes utilized in today’s smart, connected devices. With a focus on flexibility, speed and accuracy, Palomar’s Total Process Solution includes Palomar die bonders, Palomar wire and wedge bonders, SST vacuum reflow systems, along with Innovation Centers for outsourced manufacturing and assembly, and Customer Support services, that together deliver improved quality and yield, reduced assembly times, and rapid ROI.

With its deep industry expertise, Palomar equips customers to become leaders in the development of complex, digital technologies that are the foundation of the connected world and the transmission of data generated by billions of connected devices. Palomar solutions are utilized by the world’s leading companies providing solutions for datacom, 5G, electric vehicle power modules, autonomous vehicles/LiDAR, enhanced mobile broadband, Internet of Things, SMART technology, and mission-critical services.

Headquartered in Carlsbad, California, Palomar offers global sales, service and application support from its offices in the USA, Germany, Singapore, and China. For more information, visit:


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[i] [i] National Academy of Sciences Report: Optics & Photonics: Essential Technologies for our Nation