Our relationship with you extends beyond your machine investment—we want to be a partner in your successful, long-term use of our bonders and vacuum reflow systems by providing expert after-sales support services.

    Palomar Technologies has a worldwide team of Field Services engineering experts highly trained to troubleshoot your die bonders, wire bonders and vacuum reflow machines, and perform preventative maintenance and system health checks at your organization’s site. The Field Services support team is focused on maximizing system uptime to keep your organization in production.

    Field Services supports a large installed base of customers in 25 countries, providing decades of process expertise and a deep understanding of your production needs through one-on-one support.

    Field Services training

    Bonder Performance Upgrades enable customers to upgrade older machines 3500 Die Bonder, 8000 Wire Bonder, and SST Vacuum Reflow systems to achieve optimal system performance and extend the life of the machine. Upgrades with the latest Windows Operating System, P4 PC, Cognex 8000 Vision System create a path for further optimization of process and other new software features, such as VisionPilot with Radar Referencing.


    New bonder and vacuum reflow system spare parts and sub-assemblies are available for purchase.

    Depending on your system, refurbished items, such as bond heads, Cognex cards, and die collet heads, may be purchased at a reduced price if they are available. Bonder consumables, such as gold wire, are also available.

    spare parts warehouse

    Bonder and Vacuum Reflow system training courses offer comprehensive in-house wedge bonder, die bonder, wire bonder and vacuum reflow system training from Palomar Technologies and SST System experts.

    Standard and advanced training courses are available. Choose between small-class sizes for maximum hands-on experiences or one-on-one interaction with our instructors. This training can be conducted at any of our sites in California, Germany or Singapore, or on-site at your facility.

    Because all Palomar bonders are modular in design, other upgrades such as Pulse Heat System, Wafer Die Eject system, Heated Stages, Ergonomic kits, additional dispensers and automated material handling are possible on Palomar machines for field retrofit.  

    Graphite tooling and fixturing for SST vacuum reflow systems are made to order; this specialized tooling is designed and fabricated in our facility.


    Pulse Heat Stage
    Process Development training at 3880 Die Bonder

    This service may include package design, materials and plating specifications, solder alloy selection, upstream and downstream assembly line balancing, tooling design, thermal analysis and furnace profile development. The Palomar and SST Process Development Teams have special expertise in the areas of mechanical design, process maturation strategies, techniques and designs for optimal and scalable automation, high accuracy eutectic and epoxy die attach, complex wire bonding, metallurgy, failure analysis, thermodynamics and high vacuum technology—all relating directly to microelectronic package assembly.