Automated Plasma Cleaning

SCI Automation focuses on the design and manufacturing ofSCI Automation, plasma cleaners, SCI plasma cleaning, SCI Quatro integrated plasma (or vacuum) systems. These best-in-class systems are used around the world in vacuum and plasma applications where automation is required in vacuum, pressurized, or controlled atmosphere environments. This plasma automation includes batch load or full automation (material movement and tracking). SCI’s product suite includes plasma cleaning and activation for the following applications and markets:

  • semiconductor applications
  • electronic applications
  • automotive applications
  • optoelectronic applications
  • hybrid applications
  • medical applications

SCI specializes in...

  • Integrated plasma or vacuum systems
  • Vacuum and plasma applications
  • Applications where automation is required in vacuum or pressurized or controlled atmosphere environments
  • Automation for material movement and tracking
  • Automated welding applications
  • Custom automation for the semiconductor, automotive, and related industries
  • Applications for die sorting and binning
  • LED on wafer with spectrophotometer measurements
  • Wafer scanning for defect control and mapping


Palomar Technologies' 8000i Wire Bonder and SCI’s QML-EX plasma cleaner work side by side to package and assemble high-yield, high-performing complex packages.

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The alliance of Palomar and SCI Automation provides complex ball bonding and plasma cleaning capability in a single inline solution. As both platforms are SMEMA compatible, customers can enjoy a turnkey high yield system.