6500 Die Bonder


The Palomar 6500 high precision component placement Die Bonder is designed for high-speed, fully automated precision component assembly and offers extraordinary micron-level placement accuracy for photonic, wireless, and medical applications. This eutectic and epoxy die bonder has a 1.5µm placement accuracy, making component assembly practical and cost-effective.

A specialized configuration of the 6500 Die Bonder for wafer scale packaging eutectic die bonding is also available.

6500 Die Bonder
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Wafer Scale Packaging (WSP)

Wafer Scale Packaging (WSP) eutectic die attach on the 6500 Die Bonder provides customers with a complete microelectronic solution for P-side down laser diode attachment (die-to-wafer), pulsed heat pick tool for 80/20 Au/Sn pulsed reflow attachment, wafer stage with steady state heating, and waffle or gel pack presentation of laser diode applications.

The 6500 Die Bonder for eutectic wafer scale packaging was designed specifically for fully automatic, high-speed, precision P-Side down laser die-to-wafer eutectic assembly.

High-Accuracy Pattern Recognition

An advanced Cognex pattern recognition system uses the lookdown camera to locate the wafer substrate locations and Laser N-side, and enables multiple alignment algorithms including area, point, and edge alignment. This system includes auto focusing with programmable on- and off-axis lighting systems to maximize contrast and accuracy in component placement.

Operating in a true Microsoft Windows Pro-based environment, the wafer scale packaging eutectic 6500 Die Bonder brings unparalleled software flexibility, power, and ease of use to precision hybrid component assembly. The user-friendly interface assists in bonding setup, operation, diagnostics, and calibration.

6500 v2


High Accuracy Die Attach

  • Post-process accuracies of 3 micron, 3 sigma for the front laser edge and strip position
  • Integrated lookup camera with laser stripe and laser edge alignment algorithm
  • Ultra-high accuracy eutectic cycle times less than 35 seconds including the
    in situ heat and cool cycle for each laser diode
  • Single pulsed heat tool optimized for specific die size and desired heat profile for processes such as P-side down laser attach
  • Integrated pulsed heat profile controller with programmable profiles and performance tracking

Component Placement Applications

  • AuSi eutectic scrub
  • AuSn eutectic solder attach
  • PbSn perform
  • High accuracy placement of optical components
  • High precision component attach using Ag epoxy
  • P-Side down laser attach


  • Six-position bidirectional tool turret for rapid tool changes on the fly
  • Air bearing table for positional accuracy over the entire work area
  • Automated eutectic die assembly for high-volume, ultra-high accuracy component placement
  • Bond Data Miner™ (BDM) and RAM statistics provide part traceability, predictive process capability, and monitor machine fitness
  • Linear encoder and high-speed linear motors for increased accuracy and throughput
  • Large work area (12”W x 6”D) accommodates both large and small microcircuit substrates and packages.
  • Precision eutectic control to apply heat at the temperature and length of time required for the application
  • Double-pick process protected under US Patent 6,776,327

Download 6500 Die Bonder Data Sheet

Download 6500 Die Bonder Data Sheet

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