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8000i Wire Bonder Overview

fully automatic thermosonic high-speed gold ball bumper. Palomar Technologies 8000 Wire Bonder.

The 8000i Wire Bonder is a fully automated thermosonic high-speed, ball-and-stitch wire bonder capable of ball bumping, stud bumping, wafer bumping, chip bumping, and customized looping profiles. As the assembly method of choice for first level interconnection, it is suitable for many aspects of packaging and component assembly, including complex hybrids, MCMs and high-reliability devices.

i2Gi LOGO all white VerticalDynamic & Intuitive Technology for
Modern Wire Bonding

Intelligent Interactive Graphical Interface (i2Gi) offers the required management for modern wire bonding, from part design and development to process validation, and finally to intuitive operations control.


i2Gi™ is an unparalleled feature implemented on the 8000i Wire Bonder and available as a Bonder Performance Upgrade (BPU) for 8000 Wire Bonders.

The planarBump™ feature, a patented technology that uses gold wire to produce tailless ball bumps, also makes the 8000i Wire Bonder suitable for flip chip and other advanced packaging applications. The overall precision of the 8000i Wire Bonder, along with its large work area and its available deep access capability, results in high-yield processing of fine pitch/high wire count applications.

8000i Wire Bonder Options

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Automated Ball Bumper

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A ball bumper and stud bumper configuration of the 8000i Wire Bonder is a unique feature of this system. The 8000i Wire Bonder is the only available system that can produce co-planarized gold bumps in one step. This fully-automatic, thermosonic, high-speed ball-and-stitch gold bumper improves production yields and eliminates sources of variation in your process.

Ball Bumping ApplicationsHeated wafer stage ball bumping wire bump. Palomar Technologies 8000 Wire Bonder

  • Cameras and camcorders
  • Cell phones
  • MEMS
  • PDAs
  • Sensors
  • Stacked memory devices internal components, such as DSPs, ASICs, SAW filters, high bright/high power LEDs, and CMOS image sensors

Other Common Applications

  • Automotive assemblies
  • Chip on board (COB)
  • CMOS camera modules
  • Disk drive assemblies
  • Display and solar panels
  • Fine pitch devices
  • Flex circuits
  • Large complex hybrids
  • Multichip modules (MCMs)
  • Specialty lead frames
  • System in packages (SIPs)


The 8000i Wire Bonder uses a unique bond-head motion (patented dual Z-axis with linear rotary motion) to form precise gold ball bumps by repeatable, smooth shearing of the wire off the top of the bump without leaving a tail. This provides a consistent formation of flat <20 micron high bumps, thus eliminating the need for a secondary coining process.

Key software features for the 8000i Wire Bonder include adaptive bond deformation, enhanced loop mode, tailless ball bumping and wedge bond emulation (chain bonding). The Palomar Technologies 8000i Wire Bonder can perform stand-off stitch (SOS). SOS is a program that interfaces with users to define a planar bump prior to crescent bond. IC to IC or difficult to bond materials will benefit for this feature.

Highlighted Performance
Continuous Bonding Technology—the ability to load parts onto the wire bonder while it is bonding. The operator eliminates the need to stop the bonder and index. The Palomar Technologies 8000i Wire Bonder features this technology.
Automated Ball Bumper