By participating in a pre-quotation study with the customer, Palomar Technologies applications engineers can help clarify and define the appropriate equipment or service needed. Once equipment selection is made and manufacture is complete, the apps engineer can demonstrate the chosen machine’s capabilities using a customer’s parts and programs.

Solving Your Packaging Challenge

Palomar Technologies provides solutions for a wide variety of application requirements for first level interconnect of microelectronic packages. Its fundamental capabilities for large area, high precision, and high performance assembly make Palomar Technologies a supplier of choice.

Capabilities common for aerospace and defense, medical, telecommunications, and consumer high technology markets:

Wafer Scale Packaging
Laser Diode Packaging
Optoelectronic Packaging
Wedge Bonding
Eutectic Die Bonding
Epoxy Die Bonding
Gold Stud Bumping / Gold Ball Bumping
RF Device Packaging
Power Amplifiers Packaging
Power Transistor Packaging