Advanced micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) devices require internal package vacuum levels on the order of 1 millitorr over the life of the device. Sealing of these MEMS packages requires specialized thermal processing in a high vacuum system.

Automated High Vacuum Furnace is a high-vacuum multi-atmosphere sealing furnace that is custom designed for automated sealing operations as one element of an integrated production system. The furnace is fully operational at temperatures up to 500°C, vacuum levels as low as 10-7 Torr and automatic selection and electronic control of up to three process gasses.

SST AVS-4000 High Vacuum Furnace
SST 3150 High Vacuum Furnace

The 3150 High Vacuum Furnace is used for activating getters, sealing of discrete MEMS packages, and other sealing and brazing processes. Packages are hermetically sealed with very low vacuum and moisture levels for extended, long term performance.