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9000 Wedge Bonder Overview

9000 Wedge BonderThe 9000 Wedge Bonder is a high-speed fine wire wedge and ribbon bonder, offering the flexibility to change wire feed angles to 45-60° or 90°deep access on a single large work area. 

There are 7 key differentiators to the 9000 Wedge Bonder, which help customers achieve modern wedge bond requirements.



The 9000 Wedge Bonder offers ultimate control and flexibility to change from a 45-60° wire feed range to 90° deep access with only a clamp change on the robust, theta-rotation bond head. No need for multiple expensive bond heads!

Mag 9000(no conveyor) Mag frontview transparentLARGE BONDING AREA
305 x 150 mm (12” x 6”)

Material handler options available for full production line assembly. Unheated and heated work stages available.

Real-time bond monitoring and process control software. Robust, low maintenance voicecoil bondhead.

BOND DATA MINER™ - comprehensive and centralized data management and analysis system.
Aggregates run data and timestamp data sets.
Process tool analysis.
Machine and process trends monitoring for increased yields and predictive maintenance.

Fine Wire Wedge Bond Applications*

  • RF-SOE
  • Disk Drives
  • Large Complex Hybrids
  • RF and Microwave Devices
  • High Frequency Passive and Active Components
  • MCM Power Connections
  • Fine Pitch Devices
  • Running Stitch Interconnects (die-to-die)
  • Ribbon Bonding
  • Low Profile Wire Bonds

*partial list

9000 Wedge Bonder Options

  • Various stages, sizes, and tools
  • Automated material handlers 
  • Orthogonal bonding (unique angles for bond 1 and bond 2)
  • Chain bonding (bond – loop – bond – loop –bond)
  • Multi-user access software
  • 45/60 degree wire clamp

Three entry points for unobstructed access to the complete large work envelope.

1: Part access door
9000 Part Access Door

2: Hood access

9000 hoodopen techwithscope 

3: Tooling access door

9000 technician tooling access door ajar

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Key Features

  • i2Gi Interface
  • Mouse-based jog and targeting

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