Package Sealing and Encapsulation

Sealing is the process of encapsulating a hermetic package, usually by capping or putting a lid over the base or body of the package. 

Palomar Technologies works in alliance with GPD Global dispensing systems. Assembly Services works with GPD systems to achieve customer packaging objectives. For more information on GPD Global Dispensing equipment or encapsulation services, download the data sheets.
GPD Data Sheets

PCB Package Sealing

This is accomplished by adhesives, certain types of epoxies (depending on application), glob top encapsulation, no flow underfill and solder mask. 

Semiconductor Encapsulation
This includes capillary underfill, cavity fill encapsulation, dam and fill encapsulation, heat dissipater attachment, no flow underfill. 

Low-Medium Volume Applications
For these applications, conductive and nonconductive epoxies are used depending on the device and requirements. Some applications require conductive inks and fine pitch solder paste.

Commercial Applications
Industrial/commercial applications continue to grow as the need for high-reliability devices increases. Silicon gasket dispensing, odd component placement, potting, thermal grease, two part materials and UV cure (seen in some printhead assemblies).

Optoelectronics / Photonics
HB LED applications require LED encapsulation and optical clear encapsulation. With fragile devices and high power required, precise encapsulation is required.