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Thinking Outside the Box, but Inside the Package

Posted by Janine Powell on Tue, Dec 02, 2014 @ 03:26 PM

There are many companies that are on the leading edge of tackling packaging challenges and new processes. Customers often ask us if our systems can accomplish the application that they are trying to bring to life. It may take a group of experts to answer that question. At times, the question can’t be answered without attempting the application first—this is where our Assembly Services or Applications teams come into play.

Assembly Services and Applications
Assembly Services is the contract assembly, process development, test, and prototyping division of Palomar Technologies. This is the solution for companies that have the need for high-precision, high-accuracy die attach and wire bonding services without having to make a capital equipment investment.

The Applications team provides solutions for a wide variety of application requirements for first-level interconnect of microelectronic packages. By participating in a pre-quotation study with the customer, applications engineers help clarify and define the appropriate equipment or service needed. Once equipment selection is made and manufacture is complete, the applications engineer can demonstrate the chosen machine’s capabilities using a customer’s parts and programs.communications_tower_small-resized-142

The Applications team is able to tackle packaging challenges of varying types from a number of markets and industries. Just a few examples have included automotive assemblies, optoelectronic packaging, flex circuits, high-bright/high-power LEDs, and RF power amplifiers.

Versatile Equipment
Palomar equipment is so versatile and accurate that there are many ways to approach a challenge. With a die bonder, the options can range from flip chip vs. standard to epoxy vs. eutectic. More extensive possibilities include picking up an intermediate tool to accommodate a flex, along with other creative “outside the box” solutions. The large work area also gives the engineers much more flexibility in what can be presented to the system as far as custom stages and tooling. The overhead cantilever arm allows additional items such as epoxy pumps, UV lighting, and tool heaters to be carried on the head.

8000_fse 3800-manual_load-unload

A wire bonder also provides the same “outside the box” solutions, i.e., using multiple round wires with compound bonds instead of ribbon wire, stand-off stitch instead of security bonds, and using adaptive bond deformation data to compensate for variances in the bondability of the part. Again, the large work area and deep access add versatility to the systems, as well as give our engineers a myriad of paths that can be chosen to explore and test for possible solutions.

Download these resources for more:

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Assembly Services data sheet
Process Development Consulting
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Process Development Services data sheet
3800 Die Bonder Data Sheet
3800 Die Bonder Data Sheet
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6500 Die Bonder Data Sheet
8000i Wire Bonder Data Sheet
8000i wire bonder, ball bumper, i2Gi

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Regional Account Manager, Eastern Americas
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