Automotive Assemblies

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Automotive assemblies have a broad range of applications. Some common applications that require high precision packaging are sensors and gyroscopes. Microelectronic modules, PCBs, MEMS and MCMs can make up the auto package.

Sensor Packagesautomotive accelerator

  • Brake Wear Sensors
  • Steering System Sensors
  • Gear Position Sensors
  • Electronic Transmission Sensors
  • Suspension Position Sensors

Automotive accelerometers, gyroscopes and other automotive applications often require high-precision, high-reliability packaging equipment. The accelerometer is a device that measures weight per unit of mass (aka g-force). These devices are key components for measuring machine health of any equipment that rotates, for example detecting misalignment, gear failure or rotor imbalance.

Palomar Technologies Solution

Automotive assembly includes a wide range of packaging challenges and a variety of application types. The 3880 Die Bonder is a good fit for automated production of automotive assemblies needs and low-mix/high-volume requirements.

Automotive App HotGas 8000 wire bonder

The 8000i Wire Bonder is well suited for tall automotive packages that require deep access wire bonding and ball bumping. The 8000i Wire Bonder assembles an automotive device, engineered with a “hot gas handler” for automated material handling. Rate sensors are also common applications for Palomar within the automotive industry. Rate sensors measure angular rate, just like a gyroscope.

For ultra-high accuracy (1.5 micron) applications and  eutectic attach with precision heated tools, the 6500 Die Bonder is the ideal solution.

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