HB / HP LED Assembly

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One of the fastest growing technologies in the world is High-Bright/High-Power LEDs. Industrial and commercial lighting contribute a large part in the HB LED market growth. Other end uses are found in aircraft lighting and powerful heaters in water purification systems. These LEDs are very efficient by a factor of ~60%. They are durable, long lasting and over time, cost reducing. The LED enables its user to essentially get more for less. HB LEDs can drive very high currents into the hundreds of mA; some HB LEDs can emit lumens in the thousands.

LED array

HB LED applications today require maximum thermal transfer to achieve performance results. Eutectic soldering provides high-quality, low-risk performance. Depending on the accuracy requirements for the LED application, an epoxy die attach process can be used as an alternative. Reaching performance and cost targets requires continuous improvements in LED devices and packaging to extract every possible lumen per watt.

"High-Brightness Matrix LED Assembly Challenges and Solutions" details research on maximizing the power and light (lumens) from high power LED matrices. This is acheivable using pulsed heat eutectic die attach and wire chain bonding. A matrix of LED devices is packaged together for applications like large stadium television displays, automotive and architectural lighting and counterfeit detection.

Palomar Technologies Solution

eutectic LED die attachHB LEDs tolerances are easily obtained with Palomar Technologies' machines. Palomar Technologies' systems meet the package requirements of LEDs. Optimal thermal conductivity is achieved through the eutectic bonding process through the Palomar Technologies designed Pulsed Heat System stage.

Precise LED die attach applications can be manufactured using silver-filled conductive epoxy dispensing and daubing methods on a 3880 Die Bonder.

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