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The Future is Bright with Strategies in Light 2015

Posted by Katie Finney on Tue, Mar 10, 2015 @ 01:11 PM

Strategies in Light

Over 7,000 people attended the Strategies in Light conference again this year at the Sands Convention Center and Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada February 24-26. Hall A was brimming with exhibitors, including Palomar Technologies.The technical conference ran all week, with over 100 leading industry speakers, 300+ exhibitors, and 50 countries represented. The LED and alternative lighting market is alive and well!

The majority of attendees agreed that not only did exhibit quality and variety exceed their expectations, but also that the technical information presented throughout the conference did too. Green technologies are here to stay! Come visit us next year at the Strategies in Light technical conference and exposition at the Santa Clara Convention Center March 1-3, 2016.

Optoelectronic packaging is recovering in strong fashion since the dot-com disaster of the early 2000s. Palomar Technologies is well positioned to assist with optoelectronic packaging with our 6500 ultra-high accuracy component placement system and our 8000i and 9000 ball and wedge bonders.

6500 Die Bonder

The 6500 system can tackle P-side down edge-emitting laser diode attachments to sub-mounts with the required 1.5 micron, 3 sigma and final placement accuracy-evoking Pulse Heat AuSn processes. 

This system can place other optical components like ball or grin lenses and collimators and rotators – typically in non-conductive epoxies, but also solders if they are metalized.  In-situ UV snap curing, pulse heat and steady state eutectic processes allow for a wide variety of ultra-precision component placement and die attach.  Wafer scale processes and 90 or 180 degree device flipping and placing are also robust processes.  Complex Cognex™ vision algorithms allow for separate 1-or 2-point pattern recognition models to be used for x/y translation, edge detection, and theta processing.

8000i Wire Bonder

Our 8000i wire bonder is fully capable of producing very high reliability first level interconnects using our Stand-off Stitch technology.  We can approach 95% of destructive wire pulls to break mid-span, with the other ~5% breaking in the HAZ above the ball. This is perfect for source laser interconnects and more.

9000 Round Wire and Ribbon Wedge Bonder

For those looking for finer pitch applications, or high-frequency ribbon bonding, Palomar Technologies offers its recently launched 9000 wedge bonder.  This large area, deep access wedge bonder can utilize the faster 45-60 degree clamping or the deep access 90 degree clamping technology.  The clamps can be changed out to allow for both types of wedge bonding depending on your packaging requirements.


Download these resources for more information:

6500 Data Sheet 8000i Data Sheet 9000 Data Sheet
6500 Die Bonder Data Sheet 8000i wire bonder, ball bumper, i2Gi


Bradley Benton
Regional Account Manager, Western Americas
Palomar Technologies, Inc.