Palomar Technologies - Historical Timeline

Howard Hughes; Hughes-Palomar HistoryPalomar Technologies was originally established in the 1970s within the assembly and test products product line of Hughes Aircraft Industrial Products Division (IPD), later recognized as the Technology Products Division (TPD) in the early 1990s. As the automatic microcircuit bonder group, TPD primarily served Hughes’ military and aerospace customers by developing industrial electronics.



Palomar Technologies has been recognized for product advancements and technology leadership.
Highlights include:

  • Early 1980s—debut of the 2470-I Wedge Bonder, the most innovative product of its kind on the market and a key to the defense industry; the 2470-V Wedge Bonder debuted in 1995
  • Late 1980s—leading the way for the development of supercomputers
  • Early 1990s—leading the way for die attach technology with the debut of the 3500-I Die Bonder
  • Automatic component placement cell, the 3500-R Die Bonder; the development of integrated production lines; and the debut of the Model 3470-I Wedge Bonder

Hughes Aircraft TPD developed many patents as the automatic microcircuit bonder group, 19 of which were transferred to our ownership as Palomar Technologies, including:

  • Ball Formation on Gold Wire
  • Missing Wire Detector
  • Bond Signature Analyzer
  • Orthogonal Bonding
  • Measuring Electrical Interconnect Integrity

In the late 1990s, Palomar Technologies was well positioned to take advantage of the telecom boom and have always maintained a diversified mix of products and customers, all with the common thread of precision automated packaging.

Becoming Palomar Technologies

In the mid-1980s, Hughes Aircraft was dispersed and sold to several large companies.  The purchasing companies included Raytheon, News Corp (operating as its DirecTV division), Boeing and GM. GM purchased the TPD division which became and remains today as Palomar Technologies. In 1995, the TPD Division was purchased from GM by a venture capital group at Citicorp. This investor group named the company “Palomar Technologies”. In August of 2008, Palomar Technologies management purchased the company from the original investor group at Citicorp. Today, Palomar Technologies remains a profitable private company and premier provider of high-reliability solutions for complex electronic assembly applications, having been built on the Hughes Aircraft foundation of a defense-based, engineering-driven enterprise.

Palomar Technologies Assembly Services 

Over the last decade, there has been a conscious response to our customers' needs in contract assembly services. We have expanded into providing micro-assembly services and advanced packaging turn-key production services with Assembly Services.

Palomar Technologies has designated the Assembly Services division a clean room space, equipment and highly skilled technical personnel to support assembly, quality and test capabilities. Additionally, Assembly Services has developed relationships with manufacturing partners to support surface mount, wafer saw and component handling (e.g., Gel Pak and wafer packaging). Today, Palomar Technologies Assembly Services provides solutions to customers around the world and continues to prove that on-shore manufacturing is a viable and cost-effective alternative to off-shore contract assembly and packaging.