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In the third part of this blog series, we outline our technical success in demonstrating the use of jet dispensed silver sintering. As we previously explained in part two of this blog series, the most effective process was only finally secured through
Posted by Dr. Anthony O'Sullivan on Thu, Jan 23, 2020 @ 04:00 PM
As we entered into 2019, I think everyone in the industry was aware that the global semiconductor market was going to offer challenges to us all. But when we saw the market take a significant drop in the first half, it may have come as a surprise to
Posted by Palomar Technologies MarCom Team on Tue, Dec 31, 2019 @ 04:00 PM
In this second blog on pressure-less silver sintering, we set out aspects of the development work we undertook at our Innovation Center in Singapore to establish silver as an effective lead-free solder substitute, an equally viable alternative to
Posted by Dr. Anthony O'Sullivan on Tue, Dec 17, 2019 @ 04:00 PM
Silver sintering technology has been around since the 1980s, but the process has faced numerous problems. The limits of traditional sintering, rapidly growing market demand, 5G, evolving technologies, issues of energy and eco-sustainability, as well
Posted by Dr. Anthony O'Sullivan on Mon, Nov 25, 2019 @ 04:15 PM
This blog is a snippet of larger technical paper, due for release in Q4 2019, written on the topic of eco-sustainability for packaging of power devices using pressure-less Ag sintering methods. Here we will share some of our initial findings and
Posted by Redzuan Zin on Tue, Jul 30, 2019 @ 04:00 PM
Palomar Technologies recently sent two delegates to EPIC’s Packaging Conference, hosted by ASM Amicra, in Regensburg, Germany. The annual event showcases advances in packaging technologies, as well as new approaches furthering a wide range of
Posted by Palomar Technologies MarCom Team on Mon, Jul 22, 2019 @ 11:04 PM
Power Semiconductors have enjoyed steady growth for at least the last 15 years, with only the occasional down turn. It is expected that the global market will continue to drive more energy consumption (roughly 20TWh is currently used today).
Posted by Palomar Technologies MarCom Team on Tue, May 07, 2019 @ 02:03 PM
There is a multi-trillion-dollar market developing around the world through the adoption of disruptive technology in driverless vehicles. This is the consensus of a number of early 2019 commentaries[i] on the growth prospects for the autonomous
Posted by Palomar Technologies MarCom Team on Tue, Mar 26, 2019 @ 11:02 PM
Over the past several years, R&D spending, innovation, and invention has increased in Asia as these economies become more developed and their technology prowess more sophisticated. Today, there is substantial demand for advanced photonics packaging
Posted by Palomar Technologies MarCom Team on Wed, Feb 20, 2019 @ 04:12 PM
Today, Singapore, London and Dubai lead the world when it comes to powering a world-class smart nationi, bypassing tech-savvy capitals like New York, Paris and Beijing. Singapore has been consistent in its efforts to deploy disruptive technologies
Posted by Palomar Technologies MarCom Team on Fri, Feb 01, 2019 @ 04:00 PM