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Palomar® Technologies provides interconnect solutions for a wide variety of industries and applications. With 45+ years supporting the semiconductor and photonics industries, we have expanded across automotive (LiDAR & power modules), medical, microwave, RF/wireless, Datacom, telecom and a few niche markets.

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Keys to Maximizing Bonder Productivity

Posted by Palomar Technologies MarCom Team on Wed, Sep 26, 2018 @ 03:03 PM

Can your manufacturing facility afford to lose $100,000 an hour to machine downtime? According to Information Technology Intelligence Consulting, 98% of all organizations with over 1,000 employees report that a single hour of downtime costs their company over $100,000, with 33% reporting downtime costs as high as between $1-5 million.

Getting maximum production value from your capital equipment should be a priority for every company as downtime canclock directly impact the bottom-line profits. Routine and preventative maintenance can extend the longevity and maintain peak performance capabilities of die bonder equipment. Regular cleaning and lubrication, along with inspecting and replacing common wear items are just a few of the preventative maintenance routines your company can implement to ensure maximum uptime.

However, there are times when routines have changed, a new operator is being trained or a simple mechanical issue can cause your bonder to stop working as planned. When this happens, getting your bonder back into production as quickly as possible can add thousands to your profitability.

Palomar Technologies Field Services

Palomar Technologies professional global service technicians are available to get your bonder up and running as quickly as possible, minimizing downtime costs.  They are dedicated to helping you achieve maximum productivity and ROI from your capital equipment. Providing your service technician with some basic information about the state of the bonder and the steps that occurred just prior to any mechanical failure will support them in getting you up and running quickly.

Here is a short checklist to review prior to calling your Palomar service technician that will ensure they have the proper information to diagnose any issues:

  • Write down the series of events leading up to the issue:
    • What was the process that you were working on?
    • What was the series of events leading up to incident?
  • Could the problem be a materials issue?
  • Has anything changed in your process or machine that could be contributing to the issue?
    • New operator?
    • New materials?
    • Have any recent programing changes been made?
    • If, yes, could these changes be contributing to the issue?
  • Do a Basic Facilities Check:
    • Clean Dry Air (CDA)?
    • Sufficient vacuum?
    • Power?
  • Has a maintenance technician recently performed service?
  • Has the machine been recalibrated recently? If so, what was recalibrated?
  • Do a physical inspection to the bonder to make sure nothing is obvious:
    • Do you have clogged or damaged pick tools?
    • Are there any loose wires?
    • Is the bonder turned on?
    • Are there any anomalies that could be contributing to the issue?
  • Create a System Report – From your left hand Windows menu, find the Palomar software icon and click System Report. This will capture the vital health statistics of the bonder – error logs, machine settings, everything that Palomar service needs to virtually replicate your error.
  • Back up the program you are having an issue with and be ready to send to Palomar if deeper troubleshooting is required – this gives Palomar the required information needed to duplicate the process.
  • Be at the bonder when you place the service call. This will enable the Palomar service technician to walk you through some quick diagnostic procedures to help resolve your issue and get your bonder quickly back into production.

In addition to the above checklist and your preventative maintenance routines, you might consider a service contract at the time of purchase of your equipment and a bonder training course

Getting maximum productivity from your bonder is key to your ROI and by following these few tips, you’ll be able to reduce downtime and keep your machine operating at peak performance for years.

Download these resources for more information on bonder support:

Field Services Data Sheet Bonder Training Courses Data Sheet Process Development Consulting Data Sheet
field services support data sheet Bonder boot camp data sheet, bonder training Process Development Services data sheet


Evan Hueners
Product Marketing Manager
Palomar Technologies, Inc.