GPD Global’s precision fluid dispensing systems are designed for low-volume, high-mix, R&D, and high-volume 24/7 production. Applications include MicroVolume dots and lines, Underfills, Encapsulations, Lens Fixing, and Masks.

The MAX Series dispense system is capable of a wide variety of dispense applications, including MicroVolume, Solder Paste and Conductive Adhesive, Underfill, Surface Mount Adhesive, Dam and Fill, Encapsulations, LED Encapsulation, and Masks. The MAX Series is available, depending on your production requirements, in either a standalone or inline configuration.

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The 'II' signifies heat capability in the work area, an optional nozzle, and material heat. MAX II system is available in either standalone or inline configurations.

Convection/Forced Air.

Heat is transferred to the product via an air stream from below the board. This method is preferred when the bottom side of the product has features that are difficult to compensate for with contact fixturing.


Heat is rapidly transferred to the product through direct contact with the product. In most cases, the fixture incorporates vacuum to pull the product to the heated surface for uniform heat transfer.

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