Palomar Technologies provides automated high-accuracy die attach, wire bonding, and vacuum reflow solutions that support the RF, Optoelectronic and Defense industries. Specializing in precision assembly of complex devices, Palomar systems are designed for high-mix, high reliability applications.

Palomar Technologies specializes in automated, high-accuracy, large work die attach and vacuum reflow solutions. Our expertise and capabilities include eutectic and epoxy die attach, micron-level pick-and-place, void-free die attach, and flip chip processes.

stacked die
wire bonds

Palomar Technologies provides high-accuracy wire bonding, ball bonding, ball stud bumping, gold bumping, Al and Au wedge bonding, deep access bonding, chain bonding, ribbon bonding, and gold wire bonding interconnect solutions.

Palomar Technologies offers a range of standalone bonders, vacuum reflow systems, and integrated automated production lines. Our engineers will clarify and help define the appropriate equipment or service to meet your needs. Also, all Palomar customers are assigned to a dedicated Customer Program Manager (CPM). Our CPM will guide you through the entire process, from concept and quote, to delivery and installation, and after-sales support.