One of the fastest growing technologies in the world is high-bright and high-power LED. Industrial and commercial lighting largely contribute to the HB LED market growth; other end uses are found in aircraft lighting and powerful heaters in water purification systems. Durable and cost-reducing, LED enables its user to essentially get more for less. HB LED can drive very high currents into hundreds of mA—some applications can emit lumens in the thousands.
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Chip-on-board or COB applications consist of die directly attached to the circuit board. COB technology is actually “direct chip attachment” or DCA. Direct chip attachment assemblies are called different names depending on substrate material: chip-on-glass, chip-on-flex, among others.
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Direct chip attach light emitting diodes (LEDs) are the next generation of solid-state LED emitters. They deliver superior value for consumer products and markets that include TV backlighting, camera flashes, and a variety of general illumination needs. Their bondpad-down design eliminates the need for wire bonds yet improves thermal management.
LED-based applications are growing and cover a broad range of markets. These include LED lamps and heaters that use less power, have longer lifetimes, produce little heat, and emit colored light.
LED printhead arrays technology utilizes arrays of lasers or ink jets on individual die. The lithography processes used to create the arrays on each die are more than adequate to produce high-quality images. Print heads typically use high aspect ratio die to maximize the number of pixels per die and minimize the amount of silicon.

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