Implantable medical devices include implantable cardioverter defibrillators, artificial hips, pacemakers, spinal fusion hardware, and coronary stents. The Palomar Technologies 8000i Wire Bonder and SST vacuum reflow systems are currently in use by implantable medical device manufacturers around the globe.
MEMS device
Medical devices with microelectromechanical Systems or MEMS typically combine electronic circuitry with mechanical structures to produce different outcomes. With optical switches, the key mechanical components are MEMS-based micro-machined mirrors. These are created with silicon chips using well-established, very-large-scale integration and complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) foundry processes. Learn more.
Palomar Technologies equipment is used in the wire connections found within pacemakers. Pacemakers are used to aid the heart to beat at a regular rate and are normally placed in the chest of those who have arrhythmias.
Void-free die soldering, which is used to create a uniform thermal interface for high-reliability microelectronic devices, like hearing aid amplifiers.

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