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3800 Die Bonder Overview

ultra flexible die bonder. Palomar Technologies 3800 Die Bonder

Palomar Technologies' ultra flexible 3800 Die Bonder is designed for fully automatic, precision microelectronics assembly. The tightly regulated computer-controlled work cell performs up to three channels of adhesive dispense, component placement, eutectic die attach and flip chip operations over a spacious 35.5" x 20" work area. The 3800 Die Bonder is versatile, powerful and can provide specialized functions in addition to its primary functions.

Palomar Technologies' groundbreaking control architecture enables its user to apply precision motion control and process sequencing for a wide range of applications.

3800 Die Bonder Options

  • Pulsed Heat System – high-precision eutectic die attach            
  • Steady State System
  • Hot Rail Handler                                         
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Eutectic Die Attach Data Sheet

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Component Placement Applications

eutectic solder die attach with solder wetting
AuSi eutectic scrub
AuSn eutectic solder attach
SnPb solder perform
Anisotropic Conductive Paste (ACP) for flip chip attachment
High-accuracy placement of optical components


flexible high precision, high accuracy die bonder die attach system. Palomar Technologies 3800 Die Bonder.The 3800 Die Bonder utilizes a large work area, various presentation tools, steady state and pulsed heat system for eutectic bonding, high-accuracy motion system, multiple dispense technologies, die ejectors and Cognex Vision System.
The 3800 Die Bonder features a newly-designed sturdy mechanical structure, process camera, quiet linear motors, 0.1 micron linear XY encoders and direct measure 0.00023 degree rotary encoder.
Eutectic Die Attach Data Sheet

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high precision automated die attach line