Pick-and-Place: Epoxy and Eutectic

Pick-and-place, in the hybrid microelectronics industry, is one of the primary functions of an automated component placement system. Palomar Technologies specializes in high-mix, low-volume precision microelectronics assembly and offers two award winning, state-of-art systems to meet worldwide customers’ microelectronic packaging needs.

Does Your Application Require the Following Capabilities? 

  • Accurate die placement
  • Prototyping
  • High-mix, low-volume
  • Flexible layout
  • Precise pick-and-place of fragile devices                                      

Palomar Technologies bonders are designed for fully-automatic precision microelectronics assembly. This flexible, computer-controlled component placement system performs up to three channels of adhesive dispense, component placement, eutectic die attach and flip chip operations over a spacious 710-in2 work area. Sub-micron axis resolution yields typical placement accuracies of +/-0.5 mil (12.7µm) with fluids, down to +/-0.2 mil (5µm) using pulse heat eutectic processes. Palomar Technologies leads the industry by offering the only complete system for high-accuracy pick and place functions in the world.

Vital Factors in a Pick-and-Place System:

Accuracy - degree to which you pick and place or “move” an object to a desired location

Precision - measured by the “tightness” of the grouping

Resolution - the finest steps that can be made; the smallest increment of movement that you can make

Repeatability - ability of the system to return to a desired position continually

 Does Your Application Require the Following Capabilities?

  • Post-process accuracies of 1.5 micron, 3 sigma
  • Ultra-high accuracy eutectic and adhesive placements with cycle times less than seven seconds
  • High-speed, four-axis positioning system
  • Six-position, bi-directional tool turret that changes tools rapidly
  • Fully-automatic substrate and part loading

The 6500 Die Bonder is designed specifically for fully-automatic, high-speed, precision hybrid component assembly. The system performs ultra-high accuracy eutectic and adhesive placements with cycle times under seven seconds using its high-speed, four-axis, positioning system driven by linear motors gliding over air bearings on a steel base frame. Palomar Technologies sub-micron axis resolution results in desired post-process accuracies of 1.5 micron, 3 sigma.