Wafer Scale Eutectic Die Attach

Wafer Scale Packaging (WSP) has advantages in miniaturizing, thinning and lightening packaged chips, and is a more cost-effective manufacturing solution. Often, Wafer Scale Packaging is referred to as Wafer Level Packaging. Whatever you choose to call it, the result is the same - an efficient, scalable, easily mapped packaging and assembly solution.

Wafer Scale Packaging Process

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In Wafer Scale Packaging, a wafer sits on a wafer stage for processing. Wafer or Gel Paks that are placed to the right hold the die, which are then picked up by the vacuum-suctioned bond head, then precisely placed on the wafer. In a eutectic die bonding or eutectic die attach process, the wafer stage is heated (computer controlled) and the pick tool is configured with a pulse heated pick tool with active cooling (WSP Eutectic 6500 Die Bonder). Once all of the dies are placed and all other assembly have been accomplished (such as wire bonding), the wafer is then sent to test for wafer level testing and good assemblies marked via electronic map file. Finally, the assembled and tested wafer of assemblies is then cut up by a “wafer saw” and the owner then has thousands of fully packaged die and associated wafer map.