Epoxy High-Precision Component Attach

Epoxy die attach is a consistent, reliable form of component attach. The popularity of hybrid microcircuits is partially due to their built-in flexibility and small package size. Aerospace and Defense, Medical and Optoelectronic device manufactures have integrated the hybrid package in order to achieve multiple-need and performance requirements. With rapid time-to-market needs, automating the packaging process becomes necessary. Automated epoxy dispense systems have kept up with these advances by maintaining a high level of control, handling and sophisticated process control software. The epoxy must be controlled to provide good substrate and die coverage.

The high-reliability market requires high precision. In order to achieve this with epoxy, the bonding platform must be rigorously consistent and stable, tolerant to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Only a sophisticated die attach machine can achieve high-precision epoxy attach. These machines are outfitted with an optical breadboard with internal dampening built into the honeycomb structure. This allows superior vibration dampening performance compared to granite. The vibration damping allows for higher speed bonding while maintaining high accuracy and precision.

A die bonder can be retrofitted with single, dual or triple dispensers and an epoxy pump or the use of a daub pot can be used (application dependent).

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