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Parallel Processes

Posted by Katie Finney on Tue, Jan 20, 2015 @ 03:00 PM

At Palomar Technologies we often discuss the versatility of our equipment, as we have many uniquely adaptable and accurate approaches to a challenge. With the extensive possibilities of our technology, the overall production and throughput of these products are also exceptional. Customers know they need the capabilities of our Die and Wire Bonders and they also want to get as much production out of them as possible. This is when parallel processes come into play.

Epoxy Die Attach
A prime example of parallel processes would be Die Attach using an epoxy process. At Palomar Technologies, we can do both the epoxy dispense and the die attach on our Model 3800 Die Bonder. However, if throughput becomes a major factor we have an Alliance with GPD Dispensers that allows us to sell and integrate their dispensers into an in-line solution with our 3800 Die Bonder. This allows the processes to run in parallel, increasing the overall throughput.


In some cases the customer may start off with a 3800 doing both epoxy and die attach and later when they need additional throughput they can add a GPD into an in-line solution and maximize the throughput. In some cases, doing this can double or even triple the overall output, and all with a very reasonable investment.  There are also cases where some of the epoxy application calls for a UV epoxy solution. In these cases the GPD may do the “standard” epoxies leaving the 3800 in its enclosed UV safe enclosure to dispense and cure the UV material.

Alliance Partners with Parallel Processes
There are other Alliance Partners such as Royce Instruments that allow us to Wafer Map, Punch up, and sort die into Waffle/Gel Pak using either their Semi-Auto DE-35, or their Fully Auto MP-300. Again this allows for parallel processes. This could all be done on the 3800 Die Bonder but doing it in parallel on the Royce may offer a significant throughput increase for customers who are seeking something extra and with reasonable expenditures.

Download these resources for more information:

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GPD Data Sheet

GPD Data Sheets

3800 Die Bonder Data Sheet3800 Die Bonder Data Sheet  


Dale Perry
Eastern Regional Sales Manager
Palomar Technologies, Inc.