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Semiconductor sensor high accuracyIn a fundamental sense, a sensor is a device that can measure a physical quantity or converts it into a signal. Ultrasonic sensors, also called transistors when they send and receive, work similar to RADAR as they interpret radio or sound waves. In military, medical or automotive industries, theses sensors can be used to detect the presence of a target or measure distance. Because these sensors detect sound rather than light, they are able to work in applications where their photoelectronic counterparts may not.

Sensor technology can be used for a wide variety of devices in many different industries: aerospace and defense, automotive, medical and high-end consumer technology.

Any type of sensor that carries high-precision or high-reliability requirements could be a candidate for a Palomar Technologies solution.

In sensor applications requiring high-accuracy component packaging, manual wire bond or die attach is limiting due to technicians and natural human inability to repeat at accuracies greater than 3um or even 7um. Organizations involved in manufacturing sensors require application yields that only a high-accuracy, highly repeatable, automated assembly machine can achieve.

Palomar Technologies Assembly ServicesTM enables customers looking for "one-off" sensor (or other) applications that don't necessitate the purchase of capital equipment.