September 22, 2021, 8 am PST

As a product enters high volume production, continuous improvements are made regardless of how robust or mature the process is. These improvements are driven by process data or from mitigating potential risks that can stem from a variety of factors. Within a stable production, it is often difficult to introduce changes into the process or develop new products or iterations. There is the constant risk of production faults occurring from peripheral influences, such as process personnel. In order to ensure optimal full-scale production of your product, it is imperative to understand the challenges present at this point in the production life cycle. In this conclusion to the journey to full-scale manufacturing, we will be covering these common challenges and what the potential solutions are for each.

At the end of this webinar you should be familiar with:

  • How to mitigate risk when implementing changes into a mature process
  • How to efficiently bring the next revision or new product into production while effectively maintaining the current process volume
  • How to reduce the potential for process disruption from personnel involved in production

We will also be covering some real world examples where we examine these challenges in an actual production environment and cover what the responses and respective outcomes were to that situation. Please join us for Part 3 of the Journey to Full Scale Manufacturing – Continual Improvement with High Volume Production.

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