With COVID-19, the growth of IR sensors used to measure heat as well as detect motion has exploded. IR imagers and detectors are used in a myriad of applications, from gas & fire detection to motion detection as well as temperature measurement, with the biggest growing market being smart buildings and people counting for retails. Alex Voronel from SST Vacuum Reflow Systems will present an overview of the most efficient methods used to manufacture IR sensors for this growing market.

随着COVID-19的影响,用于测量热量和移动侦测的红外传感器的需求量迅速增长。红外成像仪及探测器的应用范围非常广泛,从气体和火灾探测到移动侦测以及温度测量,其中增长最大的市场为智能建筑和零售业的人流计数。Palomar中国区销售经理Billy Wang王文渊将与大家分享关于红外传感器的最高效的生产工艺。

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