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PTI Blog

Immediate Production Required: Need to Build Parts Soon?

Posted by Janine Powell on Tue, May 09, 2017 @ 01:24 PM

Sometimes we get requests from customers or potential customers needing a bonder right away. Of course, we try to do everything we can to accommodate the request. However, these systems are fairly complex to build, ship, and install. So what can be done?

One solution is to utilize our Assembly Services to get an organization into production on schedule, and then make a smooth transition to an internal production solution.

A possible scenario: You get an order from a customer, either external or internal, that requires you to be in production within a couple of months. However, it is something you have never built before, and involves processes that you have not utilized before. For this example, let’s say your customer is handing you a part build that requires gold/tin eutectic reflow and high-accuracy die placement. It is then bombclock-image.jpgconnected to the package with gold ribbon. You are a microelectronics assembly house, but all of the systems you presently have are not capable to perform these particular processes. The customer has come to you because you built the previous version using epoxy die attach and ball bonds. The customer also needs to have the prototypes within a month, needs to be in low-volume production in 2 months, and mid- to high-volume in 4 months.

You look at systems and locate the ones that can do this build, such as the 3880 Die Bonder and the 9000 Ribbon Bonder. However, delivery would be in 3-4 months. You check around with other possible equipment vendors but the delivery times are all pretty similar or even longer. What can you do to not lose this valued customer’s business? An excellent solution: use Palomar’s Assembly Services.

You then work with Assembly Services, which is an ITAR Compliant Contract ITAR_LOGO_trans.pngManufacturer, to put together a DOE and build the prototypes. Your customer uses these parts to meet their deadlines and satisfy their end customers. In the meantime, you can get the necessary systems on order.  You will know what configuration you need on these very flexible systems, as well as what the anticipated throughput and yield will be.

While the systems are being built, Assembly Services can build low- to medium-volume, or whatever the customer requirements are. Once the systems are ready for shipment, the programs and processes are transferred over from Assembly Services onto the new systems; when they are installed at your factory they are ready to build parts.


You kept your customer, met the schedule, and took advantage of the skill and expertise of Palomar’s Process Engineers to bring in new processes. All this was done at a much lower risk than going out and purchasing equipment that may or may not have performed at the required level.

Does this sound like a familiar scenario? Download the Assembly Services Data Sheet or contact Assembly Services directly for more information:  
Assembly Services data sheet

Dale Perry
Eastern Americas Regional Account Manager
Palomar Technologies, Inc.