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HYBOND, Inc., a Palomar Technology Partner, Introduces the DFS-IV Universal Wire Bonder Test Unit Product Line

Posted by Palomar Technologies MarCom Team on Mon, May 04, 2020 @ 03:00 PM

HYBOND’S DFS-IV is a lightweight, compact, hand portable touch screen instrument for measuring force, ultrasonics generator board output (U/S) and time parameters on manual, semiautomatic and automatic wire bonders that bond fine wires and ribbons.

The DFS-IV has two operational measurement modes: Force and Volts.

Hybond DFS-IV

In Force mode:  The DFS-IV measures a wire bonder’s static and dynamic force in real time.  When the tip of a bonding tool presses against the sensor on the DSA, the touch screen displays a wave form that represents the magnitude and duration of the bond head force in precise detail. Force information is measured and displayed in grams and milliseconds and can reveal potential part and/or bond damaging conditions like head bounce, table vibration, force and/or time inconsistencies, etc.

In Volts mode:  The DFS-IV operates as a light duty, dual channel oscilloscope that can be used to measure U/S generator output to the transducer. If being used to measure the voltage from a HYBOND wire bonder U/S board by following the HYBOND calibration procedure, the DFS-IV can automatically calculate the U/S power, phase, impedance and frequency and display the result.

HYBOND’S DFS-IV simplifies the setup of wire bonders of different makes and models by enabling the user to match U/S, time and force settings between machines regardless of their front panel adjustments or difference in calibration. It can also be used for setup, calibration, troubleshooting and training anywhere due to its light weight, compact and portable design.

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HYBOND is a Palomar technology partner and is celebrating its 40th anniversary. Making Strong Bonds with a "Soft Touch"™.