Palomar Technologies Assembly Services™ is the contract assembly, process development, test and prototyping division of Palomar Technologies. Its mission is increasing your ROI through a streamlined fast time-to-market development process.

Customers with New Product Introduction (NPI) needs go to Assembly Services for R&D and low to medium volume production capacity for assembly of cutting-edge micro-optoelectronic devices. This includes process development, process maturation, rapid prototyping and creation of a sustainable path for fully automated high volume production.

Come to Assembly Services to outsource your R&D and enable low to medium volume packaging and assembly production in real time, expert process development, process maturation, and rapid prototyping services. Our services are designed not only to support the NPI phase but also to create a real-world path by employing readily available production machines.

Our goal is to get your new product accepted in the market and prepare it for high volume production.

Assembly Services lab
3880 Die Bonder

Assembly Services will help you become the leader in your market. We’ll do this by providing state-of-the art assembly services that are capable of ultra high precision die attach (epoxy, eutectic, flip chip, thermo-compression, void free vacuum reflow, wafer, deep access); wire bonding (gold wire ball bond, ball bumping, deep access, gold and aluminum wedge bonding, ribbon bonding); and die sorting.