RF Packaging & Assembly

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The objective of Radio Frequency (“RF”) packaging is to transfer signals while preserving bandwidth.

RF packagingRF packaging and assembly provides extremely accurate, high-yield microchip assembly solutions. Its focus used to be the low-volume aerospace and defense industry. Now it is a broad, high-volume commercial market encompassing multiple industries. Packaging needs at higher frequencies are being driven by the applications of personal communication, wireless local area networks, satellite communications and automotive electronics.

RF applications require great attention to detail when packaging. The higher the frequency at which the package operates, the more critical the die and wire placement becomes.

Palomar Technologies Solution


hotrail RF assemblyThe HotRail RFA (Radio Frequency Assembly) cell is a fully automatic, high-accuracy (± 10 µm) system that provides heat profile vs. time eutectic reflow on a single, large work area build site. The HotRail RFA precision machine has been developed to specifically support the RF power amplifier component assembly manufacturers. The benefits of this machine are many, including quick and easy vacuum tool changeover for a wide range of parts and die during production. It also provides high-precision, high-reliability placement of components to meet today’s high-volume, low-cost RF component assembly requirements. In addition, its versatility and ease of use can lower cost and improve performance of assembling RF-IC devices.